Heavy duty low frequency pure sine wave inverter 7kw 10KW 15KW 20KW

Series: 3 in 1 inverter
Feature 1: pure power with Pure sine wave output
Feature 2: no need of battery charger with charger inside
Feature 3: stable output with AVR Voltage stabilizer
Feature 4: suitable for inductive load like air conditioner, pump, freezer etc
Feature 5: application: solar system


Heavy duty pure sine wave inverter 7KW - 20KW LSI series 

Product features:

1. Two times peak power, excellent loading capability
2. Bulit-in AVR stablizer. supply the continuous stable outpout.
3. Working efficiency more than 85%
4. Tranfer time ≤ 10ms
5. LCD display with multi-function buttons.
6. Pure sine wave output wave form, input and output isolation design
7. Intelligent fan (Automatically adjust rotating speed according to the internal temperature)
8. Perfect protection against low voltage, over voltage, short circuit, over load and over temperature etc.


Product technical specs:

Model LI-702 LI-103 LI-153 LI-203
Rated Power 7KW 10KW 15KW 20KW
Peak Power 21KW 30KW 45KW 60KW
Nominal battery voltage 96VDC 192VDC
Input DC input range 84-120VDC (96V) / 168-240VDC (192V)
AC Mains input range (220/230/240VAC) 140-275VAC 170-250VAC
AC input frequency 50Hz: 45-65Hz / 60Hz: 55-65Hz (50Hz/60Hz automatic recognition)
Protection Low battery alarm ≤84VDC (96V) / ≤168VDC (192V) alarm
Low battery protection ≤80VDC (96V) / ≤160VDC (192V) automatic shutdown
High battery alarm ≥120VDC (96V) / ≥240VDC (192V) alarm
High battery protection ≥136VDC (96V) / ≥272VDC (192V) automatic shutdown
Over load protection 110% more than rated capacity, automatic shutdown
High temperature Built-in temperature real time sensor, ≥85℃ alarm,
≥90℃ automatic shutdown
Short circuit protection Automatic shutdown
Output Transfer efficiency ≥85%
Output voltage (DC battery mode) 220/230/240VAC±2%
Output frequency (DC battery mode) 60/50Hz±1%
Output wave form Pure sine wave
Output voltage (AC mains mode) stable 220/230/240VAC±10% output
(built-in AVR stablizer)
AVR output stablizer AC mains<140VAC±5% swtich to DC battery mode,
AC mains>150VAC ±5% return to AC mains mode;
AC mains>275VAC±5% swtich to DC battery mode,
AC mains<255VAC ±5% return to AC mains mode;
The above is for output 220V system reference,
230V/240V output just multiply by percentage
Output frequency (AC mains mode) automatic tracing from AC input
Other Transfer time Bult- in AC bypass replay (≤4ms)
Display LCD Display with function buttons
Cooling system Intelligent cooling fan control system
≤42℃ slow fan, ≥45℃ fast fan
AC Charger AC charging Voltage /108.8-113.6VDC(96V)/217.6-227.2VDC(192V)
AC charging current Steady 15A
AC over charge
Battery ≧128V (96V) ≧256V (192V), stop charging after 60s alarm
Working mode
01 AC mains priority
Always use AC mains as priority input to provide AC output and
automatically charge the battery
stops charging when battery is fully charged,
and only starts DC to AC converting untill AC mains is off
02 Energy saving
Loading≤10% automatic shutdown, loading≥11%-100% automatic turn on
03 DC battery priority
Always use DC battery as priority input to provide AC output, for 12V system,
when battery≥13V,
starts DC to AC converting; when battery≤84V during converting,
switch to AC mains mode to provide AC output and
when battery≤84V during converting,
switch to AC mains mode to provide AC output and
Comnunication RS-232/USB/SNMP(additional option)
Environment Temperature -20~+75℃
Humidity <95%
Appearance Product size (mm) 485*300*655mm
Packing size (mm) 623*385*709mm
Net Weight (kg) 57kg 85kg 105kg 125kg
Gross Weight (kg) 72kg 100kg 120kg 140kg
*Product specifications are subject to change without further notice