MPPT solar charge controller 30A- 80A

Series: MPPT solar charge controller 30A- 80A
Feature 1: The efficiency is up to 99%
Feature 2: Intelligent DSP control chip
Feature 3: Intelligent LCD display with multi-function


MPPT solar charge controller 20A- 80A

Product features: 

A. The efficiency is up to 99%

B. Intelligent DSP control chip

C. Intelligent LCD display with multi-function

D.  Switching power is supplied by independent system

E. True Over Temperature Protection

H. New and original electronic components

I.  Internal circuit lines and signal lines are based on plug-pull blocks, not welding

Model MP-20A MP-30A MP-40A MP-50A MP-60A
Charging mode MPPT automatic maximum power point tracking
Charging method Three stages: Constant current charging(MPPT), 
Equalizing charging, float charging
System Type DC 12V/24V/36V/48V, automatical recognition / manual setting
Voltage recognition range 9-15VDC (12V) / 18-30VDC (24V)  / 27-45VDC (36V) / 36-60VDC (48V)
Static power consumption ≤2W
Overall transfer efficiency ≥96.5%, ≤99%
PV module utilization ≤99.76%
Input Working voltage range 18-100VDC (12V) / 34-100VDC (24V)  / 49-100VDC (36V) / 65-150VDC (48V)
Low battery protection ≤16VDC (12V) / ≤30VDC (24V) / ≤45VDC (36V) / ≤60VDC (48V)
Low battery resumption ≥18VDC (12V) / ≥34VDC (24V) / ≥49VDC (36V) / ≥65VDC (48V)
High battery protection ≥160VDC (12V / 24V / 36V/ 48V)
High battery resumption ≤145VDC (12V / 24V / 36V/ 48V)
Maximum input voltage 160VDC (12V / 24V / 36V/ 48V)
Output Rated current 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A
Current-limiting protection 22A 32A 42A 52A 62A
Temperature coefficient ±0.02%/℃ (12V / 24V / 36V/ 48V)
Auto temperature 
14.2V - (Max. Temperature - 25℃) * 0.3
Output voltage 
stability accuracy
Protection Low & high battery 
Have high and low voltage protection
High temperature 90℃, decrease power output when ≥85℃
Short circuit protection Available for long time, self-recovery after removing the short-circuit fault
other protection over charge, over discharge, over load, reverse connect
Other Display LCD intelligent display with function buttons
Optional battery type Maintenance-free lead acid battery(default), colloidal battery, liquid battery, 
lithium battery, others are available by customizing
Cooling system Intelligent fan by forced air cooling, fan speed is adjusted by real temperature
Comnunication RS-485/RS-232/USB/SNMP (additional option)
Environment Storge temperature -40~+70℃
Humidity <90%RH (No condensation)
Atmospheric pressure <70~106kPa
Appearance Product size (mm) 265*194*100mm 295*224*100mm
*Product specifications are subject to change without further notice